The Ricchio Family and the Cuisine

Italy and Calabria have met the charm of Munich

We should always go where our passions lead us; that’s probably where happiness lies.

The passion for football, during the 1970s, led Franco and Fernando Ricchio to leave a small village in Calabria and enthusiastically move to Munich. Life is full of surprises, so the passion for football transformed into something entirely different and materialized with the opening of the restaurant Al Caminetto. The restaurant quickly became a prestigious place for Italian dining, and today, by fate and by choice, it is managed by Franco and Fernando’s two sisters, Angela and Teresa. The two sisters joined their brothers, reuniting the family, and after 27 years, they decided together to renew the established restaurant, taking it into their own hands and giving it their personal touch.

It's a family story, but also one of individuals who have been able to convey their identity and their personal visions, leaving a mark and creating a unique combination of passions, desires, and tastes. This is the recipe that makes Al Caminetto a dreamlike place to go, and return to, where to be carried away by the stories of the dishes and the people who create them.